Welcome to Hope Child Care Programe

Hope Child Care Program is a community based organization which was started to improve the lives of orphans whose parents died of AIDS and are left abandoned in many communities in the Rakai District of Southern Uganda.
Uganda is located in East Africa also known as the pearl of Africa and is the friendliest country in Africa. Uganda Boarders the Democratic Republic of Congo on the west, Sudan to the north, Kenya to the east and Tanzania to the south. Our mission is in the south central pat of Uganda.

We operate in Bulanga Village of Rakai District. Our property consists of a school, clinic, dormitories, chapel, a guest house and staff quoters. Our mission is to provide safety and security to the area’s AIDS orphans, and care and support to the patients of this disease.

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Community outreach describes what we do at our centre. Bright Hope School provides information about our school. Sponsor a child provides pictures and stories of children in need of sponsorship. You can help describes other ways you can assist. Get involved!

Hope Child Care Program (HCCP) works in collaboration with the local community and other Partnering agencies. So feel welcome to browse our website – we are glad you are here.