Welcome to Bright Hope School

The Vision of the school is to provide quality Christian education to the areas children. Our mission is to provide quality, education and extracurricular activities, both formal and informal, to children who have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS as a means of counteract pervasive hunger, poverty, and systematic deprivation. We plan to start Vocational training from the fifth grade. Skills will be taught so that by the time children complete Primary seven, they will have vocational training skills in one discipline.

According to research findings, Uganda is one of the countries with the largest number of orphans resulted due to AIDS epidemic. Over 1.8 million children have lost one or both parents, out of the population of just 27 million.  Due to lack of government subsidized education, extended families and orphans face an enormous financial barrier to educating Uganda’s children.

Bright Hope School is helping to address this need by running a sponsorship program in the school. Grades 1 – 7
Provision of scholastic materials to children in the school.
Food, nutrition, Vitamins is also provided to all the children.
Children also receive free medical care provided by our clinic.
We have hired professional teachers who care and love these children. Our children also get free Bible studies by our resident Pastor.

Boarded children receive beddings, food, education and medical care.