You can help us at Hope Child Care Programe

Volunteer program:

If you would like to help in practical ways at our school, feel free to contact us for more information about volunteering. We have had volunteers from different countries.

Our recent volunteers came from USA, Korea, Japan, Brazil, UK, Guatemala, Finland and Australia.

Mission trips and donor visits are organised on request.

Needs list:

- Clothes for boys and girls (can be bought in Uganda at $3 each)
- Drugs for the school Clinic for a month at $200
- Beddings and beds. ( Bed $200 each)
- Mosquito nets ($8 each)
- Generator ( available in Uganda)
- World Map for each classroom.

- Solar Power in classes and dormitories.
- You can donate to build a toilet (outside pit latrine) for a family that hosts one of our children at $500
- Construction of a basketball court $ 1,500
- You can donate to construct a house for a needy family at $3,000
- Sports wear for netball and soccer uniforms at $10 each.
- Bibles, Bible story books and other Christian reading books.
- Song books
- Music instruments.
- Construction of a boy’s dormitory, and a dining hall.